JS GooDies

These were the links from the start (November 2010) through to December 2011. See js.gd for current links.

Links I see daily. Mainly web focussed, most of those are js focussed even.

These links are hand picked by me.

Have a link you think fits here? Just spread it on the twitters mentioning @jsgoodies :)


1 Play with your pixels tutorial on pixel manipulation
1 Faking a mesh ball with lots of rotated colourfull circles
1 IKinema WebAnimate fully featured animation and retargeting platform directly on the browser
1 Spot the GIF-erence


1 domtree a nice css3 3d demo


1 WebP.js a pure js implementation of Google's WebP image format
1 Truly mesmerising reaction diffusion shader webgl demo
1 Another world code review more insights in how this classic game worked
1 It's a message interactive holiday card, using google maps, a webgl filter and snow
1 Image transitions experimental css3 animations to do img transitions
1 A string is not an error how to properly subclass Error to throw custom errors
1 Replacing npm with make (node.js)


1 3D CSS tester test your 3d css with this code
1 Prototype in js (NL) my contribution to the @fronteers advent, in depth article about prototype
1 The checkbox hack visual state changes with just css
1 CSS3 filter effects on filters (now that ie10 depricates them, they're the new cool...)
1 Latest 140byt.es offerings notes by a js golfer
1 JS as a first language if you don't know any programming, how would you teach js?
1 Marking apis is hard bikeshedding over naming conventions
1 Coercion performances
1 Cross browser CSS cursor images about custom cursors
1 JS character escapes various ways to escape stuff in strings
1 Skin girl (NSFW!) webgl demo
1 Timer resolution in browsers
1 The difference between width:auto and width:100%
1 Shader particle simulation it's a pretty purple horse, should've been a unicorn.. ;)
1 WebGL Craft so close to the real "game" :D


1 The output element is code output also "the result of a calculation"?
1 LOL skin viewer (League of Legens), webgl
1 Let it snow snow snow snow
1 Emscripten tutorial complex stuff made simple made even simpler
1 Using Shaders to accelerate WebGL
1 png tool compression comparison chart whoa...
1 Southpark in css3 no not a movie, but looks nice anyways :)
1 Random strings small js demo
1 Sound Spectrum FireBall (webkit) i can see the fireball, but would like an example file because mine didn't work
1 Christomize merry etc :)
1 ALAC.js an Apple Lossless Audio decoder in js
1 Minimal HTML a repo of the smallest valid html documents, get your golf gloves!
1 onspacestart nice html5 game, although its more like onspacestop
1 2 BoxBox a box2d like lib


1 Write your shell scripts in JS using node.js to write shell scripts in linux environments
1 Fake operator overloading in js when 1+1 should not equal 2
1 GPU lightmap "real-time ambient occlusion", webgl demo
1 html5advent2011 nice set of articles
1 Six CSS layout features to look forward to
1 The smallest possible valid (X)HTML documents so maybe it's time for html1k?
1 mmd a webgl demo from japan, not that you couldn't have guessed that yourself...
1 Apestronauts It's QBASIC all over again!
1 Should you learn CoffeeScript? tl;dr: read the article!
1 Why coroutines won't work on the web introducing yield
1 Winternetizer, Web 2.snow let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
1 Blocky earth visualize maps with voxels (use search options if your computer has no gps)
1 My robot nation design your robot (with webgl), order it, sweet
1 3dtin a 3d modeling app with voxels in webgl, awesome
1 StageJUK3D draw a car, drive a car, in flash 3d
1 The planet zero pretty webgl flash 3d demo with an environmental message
1 HTTP status cats :D
1 Christmas orange pomander to be honest, I have no idea what this webgl demo is about...
1 Bejeweled shiney!
1 Moving to standards-based web graphics in IE10 about the death of VML and DX filters
1 3D Nyan cat it is what it is
1 Single lane super highway draw a car
1 A case against uising CoffeeScript "CoffeeScript is Beautiful; Don't use it"
1 Why I'm excited about names in js about the names proposal in es6
1 Hierarchical clustering using k-means to work on images... (tbh i've seen and made better stuff myself :/)
1 Create a JS builder with node.js about structuring js
1 Turn images into postage stamps with CSS3 border-image


1 The HipHop VM interesting, so who implements it js first?
1 mugeda animation authoring tool and showcase gallery
1 rendering TTF fonts a bit old, but a nice read


1 SilkJS serverside js, like node.js but using the sync paradigm
1 ELM a type-safe functional language that compiles to HTML, CSS, and JS
1 iv/js lexer and parser ported from iv in C++


1 img.ly visitor visualization pretty geo based who's looking at what


1 android phone name generator it is what it is
1 Numbering In style using counter and :before to style the
    's numbers
1 Extending JS natives
1 Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) a modeling technique that uses Boolean operations like union and intersection to combine 3D solids, in webgl
1 Google search draws equation graphs pretty nifty feature, but useful?
1 Q3BSP webgl q3 demo, works with mouselock on browser dev builds that support it


1 html5 element quiz and it's built in html5 too!
1 Boxes wot shoot a webgl game, gamepad api required (was it really that hard to add a keyboard interface? :/ )
1 bike.sh weird shit, some kind of viral promo for a new js based engine
1 A primer on Bezier curves lots of math for a primer ;)
1 animated bezier live bezier curve preview learning tool (wish it had output though)
1 CSS3 animations: the hiccups and bugs you on using fancy css on mobiles (mainly android?)
1 InstaCSS very nice CSS documentation
1 Blazing fast node.js 10 performance tips
1 The script tag some background
1 Creating custom font stacks with unicode-range about this @font-face property
1 areweplayingyet an audio test suite (is this a re-post? cant find it)
1 Erlang VM (BEAM) in js yay for transpilers
1 CSS selector profiling Opera introduces it for (afaik) as the first
1 2 Route9 a VP8 codec in js
1 (Another) Operator precedence tool based on the esprima js parser


1 How content delivery networks (CDNs) work just in case you didn't, you know, know
1 State of blog post
1 Static level geometry building the game: Part 5


1 WhaleSong a Racket to js transpiler
1 ixoth allows you to very easily hook into the siri api


1 City of lights wow, great webgl demo, any reason left why you wouldnt make a good game in webgl?


1 Google Maps demonstration very nice demo (in html5)
1 CoffeeKup coffeescript-esque markup to produce html
1 bgvideo canvas+video experiment with "backlight"
1 CubicDub very nice webgl demo with audio :)
1 Windows Phone demo all web, i like this demo and the way it pulls you through


1 html5-games dozens of web based games
1 mdoc automagically generate docs from tests and code with minimal comments


1 Shader Invader just a webgl shader...


1 Roy an experimental programming language that targets js
1 WebGL playground


1 The future of js (vid presentation) in case you want to know more about the es6 future
1 Character references in HTML and then some...
1 ES6 looks promising blog post quickly highlighting some of the new upcoming language features
1 vvv.js nice canvas and webgl demo using deform maps
1 Operator precedence tool uses (my ;) zeon.js to allow you to compare two expressions (useful for @140bytes and @js1k !)
1 Adidas webgl site with flash fallback the future is now?
1 Symmetry a simple canvas experiment


1 Lights another light map generator thingie
1 HTML5 context menus tutorial
1 Going fullscreen with canvas tutorial
1 ScriptSharp a c# to js transpiler
1 iWebInspector remote mobile debugger just for iOS, and even there just for simulator (my guess is that it uses the private api)
1 Enabling remote debugging via private APIs in mobile Safari huzah!
1 Fake 2d Lighting with js i just love this stuff :)


1 Yay for sugary js OO Boo
1 Scoped styles & the Shadow DOM blog post about the HTML component model
1 The problem with CSS pre-processors
1 RetroJS a collection of libraries like it's 1999... again
1 gpg4browsers an OpenPGP implementation in js
1 Cab night drive nice webgl driving demo, looks like the start of a great game


1 term-canvas a canvas api for the terminal under node.js, nifty
1 IE9 mobile vs IE9 desktop wait, no remote @font-face on mobile? And no multi-stream audio? And no taking advantage of the fast JIT compiler on the platform that needs it most? I am disappoint :(
1 JS ASCII Raytracing hawt!
1 Harmony-framework calling a php-to-js transpiler "harmony" is so wrong on so many levels...


1 HTML5 2D gaming performance analysis web (canvas/webgl) vs native. tl;dr? native wins, gosh


1 Mobile OS UI test looks pretty even if it is a bit fragile
1 WebP gets losless and transparency blog post, the transparency also comes to the lossy version...
1 Lorizzle Gangsta ipsum


1 Brain viewer brain in a vat, no, in a webgl context
1 Frank 4k webgl demo with blog post explaining it all
1 SpiderDuck so you're using links in your tweets...
1 Waterunderground Interactive visualization of global ground-water fluctuations (I just think it's pretty)
1 Handpicked jQuery repository
1 Export Flash to HTML5 with new Swiffy extension uses the google service


1 The captcha experiment gotta captcha them all!
1 WebGL experiments: texture compression
1 Occupy Flash out with flash too ;)
1 Occupy HTML you thought they only occupied cities? Oh no, out with the html purism!
1 CNN EcoSphere visual webgl representation of ecological tweets


1 Fun with 3D transforms and rollovers the kitten, it moves!
1 Why I want classes in js more fuel!


1 coffeetable a coffeescript console thingy for the browser
1 GLSL Sandbox gallery filled with various demo's, freaking awesome!
1 WebGL shader tutorial with a youtube movie
1 CSS3 Secrets pretty slide deck
1 2 Illyriad (big download) a webgl town demo, promises to be a good looking game
1 ThreeNodes a visual webgl/three.js editor


1 Craftscape webgl terrain generation demo
1 Pit a F# to js transpiler, I swear I've seen this before though...


1 Behind the scenes of 'Lights': the latest WebGL sensation! post mortum
1 Mandelbrot viewer this is the last one, i promise, for now
1 GLSL sandbox live editing and running of webgl demos
1 Shape catcher super awesome, draw a unicode character and it will tell you what you drew
1 Workshop a pretty toy
1 Shader demo whatever it is, it's mesmerizing


1 Exploring JS's logical OR operator blog post
1 BoulderDash the classic game!
1 JSBoy source code for this gameboy emulator now available
1 Natural object-rotation with CSS3 3D blog post
1 dev tools secrets nice article covering a few tricks of the trade


1 Dynamic procedural terrain night makes me think of Afrika
1 nouvellevague a webgl twitter visualization, just be prepared to find and read the tweets quickly
1 Timemap a visualization of how long it will take to get from some point to anywhere in NL by train


1 JS does not need classes (dont kill the messenger)
1 Porting a 3D rpg to WebGL part 1
1 Smiley slider sure made me smile
1 Subdivision surfaces with three.js intro
1 Drawing DOM content to canvas how to draw an html node directly in canvas using svg


1 The trap of the performance sweet spot on why js can be fast but hard to get fast
1 Custom types (classes) using object literals in js another take on the new class syntax
1 Xtend new java based language from eclipse, i actually kind of like it


1 WebGL around the net, 3 November 2011 more webgl goodies
1 Odin nice looking "interactive" webgl demo
1 Convergence cool html5 game


1 The time has come to add classes to js (I do NOT agree with this)
1 Introduction to URL rewriting i always have to google when i do this stuff
1 Enabling & using WebGL on iOS awesome, and webgl was actually suported in ios4.2, wtf
1 Essential considerations for crafting quality media queries in depth article
1 A quick look at weak maps
1 High visibility project ok lets give this more visibility, project about women in tech
1 Original hover effects collection of very nice css hover animations
1 jsapi a js library/framework source inspector, looks good!


1 Fieldrunners a tower defense game


1 How one missing `var` ruined our launch tldr: dont forget to use a proper editor too
1 2 Averia another average font, including the how-to and a web interface
1 Scaling isomorphic js code js that runs in the client and on the server
1 Properly resizing vector image backgrounds
1 Presentation on LESS (fixed link)
1 The fall game, how far can you fall?
1 Pants an awesome halloween game


1 j2k.js another (search js.gd ;) emscripter translated jpeg2000 parser
1 3d FishBirds straightforward but pretty demo
1 CSS Off contest; receive a psd, generate the css to match, win
1 JavaScriptCore, the WebKit JS implementation in depth article, not for the faint of heart
1 Stage3D vs WebGL performance (stage3d is the flash 3d env), protip: if either is software rendering the comparison is unfair
1 colony.js a js to lua transpiler
1 Draw Shapes in Photoshop with js tutorial
1 jsconf.eu Brendan on his talk
1 Animatable a collection of simple css animation effects
1 baroque.me a cool visualizer for audio
1 ECMAScript globalization API hint: its about internationalization, not making stuff global
1 Broadway a H.264 decoder in js, what else
1 2 Subdivision surfaces blog post and demo of this technique
1 2 HTML Parsing with js some pointers for parsing html and the release of the source code on github
1 reflection refraction a shiney webgl demo
1 drawwith.me a webgl interface to edit and share photos
1 Explanation of a css animation nice visualization of an apple iphone ad
1 SimpLESS web interface for LESS to CSS
1 Webgl kinect player creative people should just get these toys for free ;)
1 Terse js 101, part 2 covers loops, assignments, casting and references
1 A sticky thing nice demo
1 CSS logos just css, quite nice
1 Announcing the jQuery standards team a good initiative


1 Castle of Sinister Sorcerers CSS against the world


1 Nokia 3d maps a webgl engine to render 3d maps
1 opalang in the cloud (funfact, opa means grandpa in Dutch ;)
1 jsdom + jQuery in 5 lines with node.js about scraping the dom with node


1 micro physics a webgl tutorial for three.js


1 Multiplayer drawing using webgl and websockets
1 Playing with DOM and ES5 Can you beat his challenge?
1 Truthy & Falsey blog post
1 HTML Component Model & the Shadow DOM create your own tags
1 pimpmyjs web interface to beautify or uglify your code
1 #amwb: boot to gecko latest episode
1 amiga graphics archive its like
1 CarsDemo webgl physics demo with a race car, what else do you want
1 Unicorn euh, at least the title delivers...
1 J3D page with experiments in the J3D webgl engine


1 Bookcase a webgl book case tower thingy
1 140bytes music SoftSynth RickRolled like you've never been RickRolled before


1 Terse JS 101
1 JigLibJS2 js 3D physics engine (both webgl and 2d-canvas)
1 What are CSS shaders? in depth explanation of CSS shaders
1 pdf gallery a webgl powered document reader, yay!


1 Duckhunt haha, I dont know how old this is, but it made me laugh for sure, nice impl
1 Understanding JS OOP in depth article
1 Milkshake a WebGL audio visualiser that uses SoundCloud
1 css box-shadow-spread property introduction
1 Introducing CSS shaders (and filters) how will the shader proposal be used, some code examples
1 SVG filter effects in IE10 introduction to svg, just skip the first paragraph
1 An introduction to CSS pseudo-element hacks a closer look at pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes
1 Neon flames sweet looking demo, dont forget to hold the mouse ;)
1 2 Isogenic game engine sim city, the bad ux version, nice engine though :)
1 Go-flavored js using Go's goroutines methodology for concurrency
1 Array methods nice article that covers all the es5 array methods
1 Efficient encapsulation of js objects explains one way of using the revealing pattern to do "clean" privates
1 cheese or font I know, easy right? Wrong!


1 xwing awesome star wars inspired webgl game! i was about to complain that you couldnt crash it, but then i crashed :D
1 water noise a webgl demo straight from a harry potter movie, well, could've been


1 An introduction to WebGL a 101 primer
1 HTML5 scoped attribute scoped stylesheets are coming to stay!
1 mine3d cant get this to work, but it sounds promising
1 Gate One a full ssh client in the browser


1 animate.css cool, fun, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your projects (fixed link, thanks all)
1 animate.css cool, fun, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your projects
1 cdlre js regex engine in js, shows you which steps js takes to apply a regex, awesome
1 Native audio with HTML5 deep article about the tag and api


1 Lights pretty webgl sure is pretty (interactive, I suggest you watch it through)


1 16 i want to be able to do this :(
1 Caterwaul a js recompiler that lets you change the semantics of functions
1 Canvas experiment real-time white removal
1 JSModem a plugin for the JSLinux project, uses websockets
1 Dart lang the moment we've all been waiting for ;)


1 HTML5 canvas deep dive canvas primer
1 AnimatR a gui to create css3 animations
1 CSS3 animations and transitions long in depth article with examples
1 channel.me surf the web together...
1 Browser memory
1 JSConf EU the do's and don'ts
1 Will it optimize quiz for gcc (nope, not js), but interesting cases nevertheless
1 Writing js for size blog post about (semantic) minification
1 Json parser online a json parser and evaluator with pretty ui
1 JS will listen the jsconf opening song
1 JSConf.EU 2011 Slides/Links slides and links for talks during #jsconfeu
1 altjs Nice collection of language implementations from or to js
1 BigRig a python js parser
1 What nice overview, css4 is the new css3!
1 JavaScript++ "improved" js lang, why it compares itself to framework libraries is beyond me though
1 Basics of three.js a presentation/tutorial on three.js
1 Form design guidelines cheat sheet use it, love it
1 2 twostrike a js parser in ruby
1 aprilzero nice clock animation
1 Fronteers conference files slides and files on what was one of the most impressive conf talks I've seen in a while, hope the video comes soon
1 When web standards fail us wishlist of missing features on the web
1 Improving app cache ideas on improving this feature
1 Real constructors & WebIDL last call about why dom objects (et.al.) should be constructors
1 The average font what do you get when you draw all fonts on your system on top of each other?
1 sketch 'n race paint a track and move around it (webkit)
1 Plasma ball in webgl, what else
1 Sencha animator released a mobile animation tooling framework


1 Prolog in js funfact: i hate this language ;)
1 Function-ality "a quick primer on the zen of function"
1 Mandelbrot fractal with zoom & panning in 133 bytes cool code is cool
1 Source engine levels in WebGL video + source of this awesome project


1 A quick look into the math of animations with js good article
1 three.js scene creator an editor, what else
1 Llamafont i'm sure this was an ode to #funconf
1 SoundToy it's like the old sound effect synthesizer, but new!
1 Space CaCSS animated background, looks awesome
1 peerbind peer-to-peer communication on a site with no need to set up a server
1 BeautifulJS UglyJS counterpart
1 AMD vs CommonJS article defends why amd is better (i have no stance on the matter...)
1 CodeSurgeon js tool to extract certain snippets of code from your source
1 RegExpert postmortem about the game


1 tryruby online ruby live coding tutorial
1 Understanding typeof, instanceof and constructor in js article
1 jsnes oldie but a very good snes emu in js :)
1 visualsort visual representations of sorting algos


1 Zeotrope awesome css experiment with old-school cartoon-like animation
1 If php were British it's like turning php into lolcode, but then proper, perchance that happens i will love the new try/catch
1 Smacss an evolving guide to CSS architecture for sites small and large


1 Source engine in WebGL about porting a team fortress 2 level to webgl


1 Mobile frameworks comparison chart in case you want to make sure the framework of choice works on your target platform(s)
1 Sassy mother effing text shadow putting it where the sun dont shine


1 ES.next draft Not posting every version, but if you have any interest in the future of js...
1 Proclaiming myself King of the MDN js docs people don't write docs, that's a kings job
1 html wysiwyg editor simple but elegant


1 Extreme negative code documentation interesting documentation technique: rather than saying what it does, say what won't happen without that line
1 drawastickman genious, but why is he fighting a dragon with a cucumber? oh, wait
1 webgl snake that's what it is


1 Sudoku solver by a tweet sized js script
1 http://repl.it/ web interface for several languages (client side), currently: qbasic, forth, ruby, python, lua, scheme, js, js.next, move, kaffeine, coffescript, emoticon, brainfuck, lolcode, unlambda, and bloop
1 jsforth Forth interpreter in the browser, Forth is awesome!
1 Flexible box layout explained
1 WhatTheFont font detection tool, give it a font and it will try to give you its name
1 Quasi-literals blog post about the proposed feature for the next js version
1 Wormy nice interactive canvas demo


1 web-vi browser based version of vi using a canvas


1 Script yielding with setImmediate it's the setTimeout(f,0); equivallent
1 Faster js memoization for improved application performance memoization ftw
1 Exclusive preview of the hottest CSS specs nice overview of what's to come in the realm of css
1 Pathfinding with js uses pixels on the canvas to detect passable areas and find a way between two points on a map
1 csstree the things you can do with just css...
1 2 jsfont client side ttf font decoder and manipulation tool
1 css3sudoku a sudoku solver in uh, mostly css
1 cssquiz some challenges for you to solve with just your css skillz
1 MathML to html and css using XSLT euh, yeah!
1 spoorkaart real time train tracking (although I think they're using time tables for it...)
1 flapjax another programming with interactive interface
1 Building and checking lists in js about key lookup cost
1 Opera tv-emulator released because it's not a tablet-centric world just yet


1 Super Bros. Large set of characters drawn based on the "standing Mario" sprite from Super Mario Brothers, wish they had complete sprite maps!


1 naclbox a dosbox chrome extension that allows you to play some of the classics! Indiana Jones ftw
1 cwebgl a full webgl implementation with canvas, uh, yeah!


1 Experimenting with ES6 proxies using a future js feature to create a new breed of dhtml
1 uglyjs haters gonna hate ;)
1 Developing multiplayer HTML5 games with node
1 JS is not web assembly tries to explain why he thinks js is a bad compile target
1 cubic-bezier tool allows you to create your own transition timing with an easy gui


1 IE 10 guide for developers Covers grids, regions, transforms, animations, gradients, transitions and text shadow... huzaah!


1 streamjs stream datatype implementation
1 currency.io html currency converter for your mobile
1 The scoped attribute restrict a style sheet to a sub-tree of the dom, this is how
1 Aardwolf remote debugger and inspector (for mobile), using node as proxy
1 Thinking of dynamic language code as a template interesting insight inside the machine of optimizing js at runtime
1 Destructuring assignment about one of the new features to come to js
1 A Proposal for ES.next proposals wishlist of additional reasoning for new features of the language
1 Box2D, Web workers, better performance about the imprecision of timers, desyncing web workers and how to find and fix these problems
1 mobilehtml5 compatibility table


1 alphapunch punch through those alpha channels, given a transparent image it will create boilerplate to click through transparent parts of the image
1 Asynchronous Programming in js with if you ever wanted to know more about promises, read this
1 Nine Image Expander Thing just because it's pretty :)
1 Uploading directly from HTML5 canvas to imgur
1 mazery maze generator


1 The expressive web wow, awesome html demo from adobe (no, that's not canvas...)
1 Our solar system css3 ahoi!
1 musicovery plays music depending on your mood
1 2 Swarms battle very cool simulation of swarms fighting each other
1 pcsedit CoffeeScript and ProcessingJS editor


1 2 js of ocaml objective caml in js, uh, what the hell is caml anyways ;)
1 Spread value and box-shadow on one side only primer on box shadows
1 Animated gif well, gif...


1 "Ginger" manipulation demo awesome webgl demo where you can model a face
1 How to calculate lighter or darker hex colors
1 Tabs with round out borders more css than html


1 Endless forest a webgl demo, could have been a harry potter scene
1 INK a visual html editor...
1 UX job title generator I think I'll go with "Black Belt Information Hero"
1 OpenJPEG compiled by emscripten to js to support JPEG 2000 in browsers that dont natively


1 fox.js allows you to use ASCII-art to create grid layouts


1 Emberwind a cool html5 game
1 Patterns for large-scale js app architecture
1 Superpacking JS Demos "So you have a demo in JS. It's pretty. It's perfect. It's 3k in a 1k competition. Well, damn."
1 Red Locomotive a game engine with a fishy demo


1 The evolution of the web nice overview of browser evolution
1 Workers ♥ ArrayBuffer how you can send data to workers more effectively
1 My console.log() strategy how to deal with console logs in your code


1 Fish looots of webgl fishies
1 Tiered, Adaptive Front-end Experiences or TAFEE, make sites progressively look better as the used browser gets newer
1 Morph a cool ASCII animation (ASCIImation)


1 2 Image morph algorithm a tool to create a morphing animation between to arbitrary images
1 Future of editing on the web on the upcoming features of html5 regarding editing stuff, can't wait


1 patternizer stripe pattern generator tool
1 nwm Node.js window manager for X11 #nko
1 chuclone an openSource webgl 2.5D platformer
1 Optimize images with canvas adding noise to reduce file size, nice
1 Understanding JIT spray very good in depth security related blog on how JIT could be abused and hijacked, very interesting
1 heatwave a source code heatmap profiler with node #nko
1 Securing full-screen why it's so difficult to solve this feature and make it "safe" (enough)
1 Fluid Simulation with SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) in webgl, blog post with cool vid
1 object-graphs a visual explanation of how scoping in js works (old blog post)
1 node-webgl a webgl lib for node
1 Cubed a cool fast webgl game


1 cryptico generates RSA key pair & public key string
1 pythonfiddle python in the browser
1 glfx.js using webgl to create image effects and transformations
1 How many ways can you slice a URL and name the pieces? answer: many
1 iewebgl plugin for ie9+ which enables webgl
1 Snake a superman snake game in js ;)
1 db.js a web SQL database api lib


1 opzoeknaareenhoorn awesome parallax effect featuring a unicorn (dutch story though ;)


1 ldapjs an LDAP implementation for node.js, we haz it
1 The danger of += premature optimization is...
1 Building a game mainloop in js
1 What came before web sockets? an overview of the history of communicating in the web
1 Paratrooper old game in a box
1 How to open dropped files using FileReader api to preprocess files
1 Bezier demo some demonstration on how bezier curves work and what you can do with them
1 Let's make a shit js interpreter! P3 where he looks at other implementations
1 Global `eval` with a result in IE for creating a js console
1 How to asynchronously upload files
1 mobiscroll the date input picker for mobile
1 jsbuilder a bookmarklet builder
1 hall of api shame: boolean trap been wondering about this myself lately too
1 Entitycode nice entity code lookup page


1 Weather a webgl globe with weather textures overlaid indicating weather
1 Simulate script iInjection via data URI


1 allisnotlo.st Chrome experiment, very nice (pick full), will work on other browsers too
1 for-in grammar about quirks of the for-in syntax
1 faviconist a nice fav icon generator


1 codeacademy nice learning website with grabbing interactive tutorial ;)
1 Sonic canvas based loading indicators, *pretty*
1 Using js to make Apache Ant less painful it's not Java!


1 CoffeeScript: Spartan JS some good and bad parts about cs
1 CoverMonkey a code coverage tool built into spider monkey, running on node (=v8 ;)
1 A web audio spectrum analyzer plays a remote music file and displays the frequency spectrum overlaid with a time domain graph
1 accounting.js number, money and currency formatting
1 CSS3 Brushed Metal buttons bite my shiney metal brushed button
1 Applying regex on substring about indexOf(regex) and applying regex at given position in string


1 ghcjs Haskell to js translator
1 Scripting Photoshop with JavaScript tutorial on using js to control PS


1 Understanding closures long article about the subject


1 astar canvas demo of an A* pathfinding implementation


1 noVNC HTML5 VNC implementation
1 _coder web ide in development, dev would love feedback and/or help
1 HTTP Archive: nine months basically everything grew but the usage of flash, bigger faster stronger?
1 Strange attractor interactive webgl demo
1 Skin your chrome inspector how to customize the look-and-feel of the inspector with user scripts
1 slipsum.com hahaha, my new personal favorite; Samuel L. Ipsum, motherfucker
1 The lesson V8 can teach Python and other dynamic languages tldr: js can match python in speed
1 speak.js speech synthesizer in js (also, that's a new one ;)
1 biwascheme A practical Scheme interpreter (r6rs?) writtern in js
1 Finding memory leaks blog post
1 How Browsers Work thorough explanation on how browsers work internally, good read
1 2D fluid dynamics a webgl visualisation for the Navier-Stokes equations for the fluid velocity


1 Improving canvas performance compares several canvas techniques in different browsers


1 proxino a web based service for tracking js on your websites and notify you of possible problems ... or something
1 535 ways to trigger a page reload did you know them all?
1 Cutter.js trims html to reduce word count without affecting the dom structure
1 git.js a git client in js
1 2 fake fluids Self-shaded particles + Curl-Noise for fake fluids
1 Candy a js-based multi-user chat client
1 Short Levenshtein Distance script (also called edit distance) is the "distance" between two sequences (like string characters ;)
1 amwb: es6 lives brendan talks about pushing the spec to the next version
1 canvas to bmp datauri so basically a bmp encoder :)
1 bmp.js bmp decoder in js
1 jpg.js a jpg decoder in js
1 png.js png decoder in js
1 webgl-water very nice webgl demo
1 Twee+ (ab)using the twitter t.co encoding of urls to create longer tweets
1 Sproingies a webgl demo
1 Introduction to the Page Visibility API coming to a browser near you in five years or so
1 Indeterminate checkboxes I actually didnt even know this
1 Extending built-in native objects Evil or not?
1 2 dom3d Tutorial to rendering 3D with css and js using 3d transformations with dom3d
1 Fixing the js typeof operator


1 Offline for a week due to honeymoon ;) Not reading twitters. If you think I'm missing out, ping me and I'll read that back. Bai!


1 prefixr adds all the browser prefixes for ya
1 What Makes For a Semantic Class Name? some must know-how
1 A look inside the Final Fantasy VII game engine (pdf)
1 CSS3 Transitions Without Using :hover primer on how/when to use transitions
1 Impact font tool Generate a font sprite from any font installed on your system
1 Infinite beanstalk webgl experiment
1 Incorrect ES5 fallbacks a walk through the popular frameworks


1 creativejs jsgoodies made pretty ;)
1 Text-To-Speech on the Web compiled from C++ (eSpeak) to JS via Emscripten
1 SIMD proposal for getting SIMD (assembly) in js
1 About js apply arguments limit there is a limit to everything


1 JSIL JSIL is a compiler that transforms .NET from CIL bytecode to js


1 foldup resize browser for effect
1 vvv.js aims to bring the visual programming language VVVV to your web browser
1 privatejoe html5 game running on ImpactJS


1 Analyzing js web applications (pdf) very high and abstract level explanation of doing static analysis with js
1 DrawWindow also a client side tool to convert a webpage to an image with canvas, awesome
1 Fieldrunners a webgl demo
1 Lexical environments deep explanations about this part of the specification
1 Create 3d block with css3 while using just one element... :)
1 Improving DOM performance for HTML5 games using innerHTML is so oldschool, but clearly not faster anymore
1 slashGlobe some more css3 art


1 2 html2canvas holy awesomeness! reads dom, draws it in canvas, all client side!
1 compiling clojure to js about some cool transpiling tricks that improve the resulting code


1 Little CSS stuff newcomers get confused about
1 Writing a raytracer in 24 minutes live hacking on youtube
1 NodObjC an objective-c bridge to allow you to access the api through node
1 2 csso a css optimizer in node
1 2 jsfx js sound effect generator
1 Another world JS the classic game, in your browser
1 The web iq quiz everything you ever needed to know about the web, is asked here


1 Infinite Mario in HTML5 super mario world in woot :D


1 tilt visualize your html in 3d
1 webputty css editing and hosting service, nothing to do with ssh
1 Yield very good long and detailed article on async function syntax and code transformation for backwards compat
1 js as assembly lang for the web Brendan, Douglas and Mike comment on this position
1 html5 audio element maker create those audio snippets with the press of a button
1 Don Once again explains you how css selectors actually work


1 Radial gradients extensive article on css3 radial gradients


1 node-bunker a code coverage tool in node (uses burrito)


1 jsSHA a js implementation of the entire family of SHA hashes as defined in FIPS 180-2 (SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512) as well as HMAC
1 jsOAuth a js implementation of the OAuth protocol
1 CSS3 animation whirwind even more animation fun
1 Galaxy-box CSS3 3D transform fun
1 Essential js design patterns for beginners read this if you want to learn more about building an architecture with js


1 sprite3d simple js lib to make things move in 3D space using CSS transforms
1 manifestR create an appcache file for any page
1 BlobBuilder shim may come in handy
1 Discover Lisp in your browser with js in depth article on how to create a lisp to js transpiler, in js
1 FileSaver.js demo on saving files created on the fly in js


1 css3 isometric text a demo for adding a dimension to fonts
1 jsBCrypt implementation of BCrypt written in js
1 mp2dec.js a mp2 decoder
1 Accelerating ImpactJS with webgl the before and after picture look the same though ;)
1 Debugging web workers in ie10 a notoriously difficult task due to sandboxing, made slightly easier


1 ES.next draft in case you wanna know where this language is heading to
1 avocadojs a gui kind of way to programming js, or something..


1 match trick blog post about the usage of match
1 wii-js event-based library for Wiimote webpage interaction
1 iwannalivehere a set of pixelized houses


1 jsshaper "an extensible framework for js syntax tree shaping"
1 restrictmode a subset of js that tries to enforce good practices upon you
1 robohash generate random robot images through text


1 html5patterns input validation regex patterns for your every day needs
1 phantomjs a headless webkit browser with js api


1 Buzz a js HTML5 audio library
1 BrainScript a language inspired by brainfuck that transpiles to js
1 JS AST trickery with burrito ast generating code so you can modify your js


1 html5sec exhaustive list of attack vectors in html5, take note of this in your apps
1 2 jasmid midi in js, what else
1 Pxxl.js display some text in funky retro style


1 Faster js parsing I love this shit, title should say enough
1 TinyVM a tiny virtual machine in ANSI C, first one to port it to js wins
1 A trip through the Graphics Pipeline good luck!
1 webgl-compat wants to simulate webgl in 2d canvas
1 Conference organizer handbook let's see more of those js confs, yeah?
1 Layerstyles I guess this is how ps does it too? (See src tweet)


1 #demojs results results of the first js demo party inspired by #js1k :D #awesome
1 Building a game with box2d tutorial


1 Voice debugger in case jslint isn't enough abuse, here's Douglas Crockford telling you you're doing it wrong! :D (Use audio api capable browser)
1 gradientsnustyle gradient tool


1 ES 5.1 now official standard wooot
1 morf CSS3 Transitions with custom easing functions (live demo with css code displayed for each function)
1 copypastecharacter some fancy unicode characters for you to copy and use
1 html-ipsum ipsum lorem html markup examples
1 Dropbox through nodejs how cool is that
1 SpeechBox2D not sure what it does, but i'm sure that if your mic works it'll be awesome


1 Full CSS3 text-shadows even in IE or just wait till ie10...
1 jsplumb nice flow diagram lib
1 2 disasmx86 a wip of an x86 disassembler, in js of course
1 Canvas performance benchmark for me, chrome scores 10x that of firefox and double that of opera... wow
1 IEWebGL it had to happen, this plugin enables webgl in IE
1 JS parser api (moz) firefox will expose a parser api, hurray!
1 dotjs a chrome extensions that lets you easily write scripts to change site behaviour
1 WhatFont bookmarklet to give you all the font information for elements on a page with a single click
1 Swiffy a flash to html5 converter


1 css tricks track motion with kinect, show motion with css3 animations...
1 css1k you know about js1k, right? (Right!?) Well this is it for css in a zen garden kind of way. Good luck!
1 cssbeautifier it's... beautiful
1 CSS3 animation demos look who jumped on the band wagon ;)


1 Testing Benford's Law
1 paperjs The Swiss army knife of vector graphics scripting
1 Security implications of jit compilation deep insights into possible attack vectors that comes with jit
1 CSS tic tac toe
1 On-stack replacement in v8 very deep technical blog post about how v8 can optimize your code through OSR
1 Zelda, Links awakening another zelda classic in your browser


1 Entity lookup a tool to lookup unicode characters that look like a character you give it, huh
1 JS is dead, long live js long article about a wish list for the language, it's problems, why coffee is good and bad, why you should design your own language and why you shoudnt and how js is turning into an intermediate compilation language


1 Beating 60fps in js using postmessage to gain higher timer granularity
1 Quadrilateral demo - Cassowary js bounded quadrilateral demonstration that was first released as part of the Cassowary constraint solving toolkit


1 39 box shadows, no good reason "I got 39 box shadows but a bitch ain't one"
1 History of js by @brendaneich Nice overview :) Hail to the new king (tl;dr: somebody else is now responsible for spidermonkey ;)


1 Some Nyan pointers or maybe just one...


1 spritecow finds the exact positioning of a sprite in a sprite map for ya (warning, not for the faint of browsers)
1 makeawesomeweb collection of a bunch of html5 related websites (many of those listed on js.gd too ;)
1 jsapp.us a nodejs playground
1 CSS3 of the DEAD a game entirely in css, the Japanese strike again
1 V8 is faster than GCC don't take my word for it, read the blog post
1 Nodelists and arrays in js what are node lists and why are they special?
1 Mastering css reflections everything you ever wanted to know about this feature I didn't even know existed
1 3dfy bookmarklet to turn any website in a parallax effect using css and js


1 Know your engines slides on how to make js fast, deep inside stuff, by @dmandelin


1 Quick thoughts on concurrent js execution article about concurrency and jit
1 console.timeStamp add a timestamp bar in your network timeline in firebug


1 jsmad mp3 decoder and player in js
1 wloom a pacman like game in webgl (work in progress)
1 tilt visualize your page in 3d, looks awesome
1 c64yourself convert an image to what it would look like on the c64


1 webgl-filter very nice webgl tool to apply filters to images


1 Refactoring js with kratko a tool that gathers stats to give you feedback on the state of your js, so cool
1 How to remove app cache from chrome silly to link to a tweet, but some times it's just that easy ;)
1 AS vs. JS benchmark over time interesting graph, if you're into the performance of flash vs "the web"
1 Shadow particles tutorial on how to create a shadow map from a set of particles
1 csslint check your css and see how you can improve it
1 pdfjs another pdf reader in js
1 Flash-free audio using html5's audio to do sound effects in games
1 demojs a demo party in paris for js! there's a #js1k-ish compo and a free style
1 3D modeling with css3 use css 3d enabled browser, and add some cores to your computer
1 konamicodesites ahh, brings back memories ;) (+@q42)


1 2 httptris haha, cool concept, even though i cant seem to control the game very well myself
1 A whole bunch of amazing stuff pseudo elements can do css(3)++
1 asciiflow create ascii diagrams with this awesome tool
1 JavaScriptCore Project Files for iOS to help you build ios apps using the native js engine
1 JTalk implementation of the Smalltalk language that runs in js
1 Auto Object Documentation automatic jsdoc generation... well, it's a start anyways :)
1 gameboy color emulator (another) gbc emulator, seems to work slightly better (for me) except for the sound (which you can disable). totally awesome!


1 pastehtml a pastebin that hosts your html in plain text and as html


1 hackertyper type like a hacker! as demonstrated on tv


1 What does v8 do with that loop another awesome article, this one sheds more light on how the v8 engine works
1 Mapping the monkeysphere very interesting post about tracing and optimizing js from within the browser
1 Falsyvalues Fabric Tetris a clone created after the FV conf and workshops we gave there, made with fabric.js :)


1 Lazy HTML evaluation using comments to speed up html parsing of large docs
1 Markup sketch a painting, share online, show others how it's painted
1 javascript.info an online js book, looks nice and a solid intro into the language (from the few pages i scanned)
1 mask-image-text short demo on how mask-image works to "style" texts with something other than a solid color
1 The js comma operator goes deep into this mystical operator
1 Why a js hater thinks everyone needs to learn js in the next year haters gonna be ha^H^Hscripters
1 Modern debugging tips and tricks one word: debugger;
1 JSON parsing about the new json parser in fx5


1 webgl-filter applies an filter to images using your video card
1 css panic whackamole clone, a pure css game
1 The 11 js mistakes you (probably meant for js newbs...)
1 this a writeup on the various meanings of the this keyword


1 Music.js a music creation library containing functions and data sets to generate notes, intervals, chords, and scales
1 ES5 and use strict what changes when you "use strict"?
1 logio real time stats in the browser, parses log files using node


1 css3+websocket remote control of a CSS transform from mobile to your browser


1 js2coffee live demo uhm, so its js2cofee rewritten in coffee... somebody's on caffeine, that's for sure
1 A collection of js gotchas


1 nowjs a nodejs server-client framework
1 JS madness: layout engines overview of the engines used by different vendors
1 jaxgl a webgl framework


1 Tail-call optimization for mutual recursion if your code could do tail recursion, this code will rewrite it so it "does", so awesome
1 mission control awesome webgl traffic visualizer
1 The answers to my js quiz
1 heatmap.js can be used to generate web heatmaps with canvas
1 XNA (C#) game compiled to js simple game, now also working in canvas
1 A fresh look at js mixins combining objects like never before
1 gta4 in gmaps including some sweet streetview action :p
1 You lose more when slow than you gain when fast about tracing, nothing fancy though, just some general advice :)
1 JSON Hijacking explains what it is and how relevant it is today (pretty relevant)
1 doom the original doom compiled from c++ to js/canvas. i seem to be the only one that cant get it to run though :/
1 $1 unistroke recognizer in js pattern matching when drawing, check live demo
1 JS vs jQuery HTML collections about live queries vs arrays
1 motion captcha using pattern matching and Harmony procedural drawing to create a captcha (wip)
1 phpsadness it's the wtfjs for php, i'll never forget #1
1 valkuil a dutch spelling checker that semantically checks for words that contain space errors (notorious issue in Dutch)


1 1899 steam & spirit a nice point and click adventure
1 jswiki another list of resources for js
1 everyjs.com a list of common tools in the js world
1 How a web page loads a small intro into parsing html pages
1 gradients in ie9 um, yeah, slightly older blog post so may be a bit outdated, but yeah
1 ObjectViz a cute js object visualizer
1 An Introduction to Shaders - Part 2
1 An Introduction to Shaders - Part 1
1 Creating particles with Three.js tutorial in webgl
1 Fast canvas on iPhone/mobile safari simple trick to improve drawing by much
1 My Last Comments On JSLint on how jslint is a tool, but should not be a religion


1 Everything is Permitted: Extending Built-ins imo one of the best talks during jsconf.us'11 by Andrew Dupont


1 Comparison chart 8bit image upscaling really cool to see old 8bit gfx being upscaled and smoothed out by algos (static images, though)


1 Parts of my element about how you don't need a degree to work your way up in our community. Just learn, do good and contribute
1 kradminer another bitcoin miner, this uses webcl (not gl)
1 Set of css3 tools including visual tools for transformations, gradients, text properties and box properties
1 3dtransforms tool visually generate css for 3d animations
1 Search by drawing popularity graph the login is annoying but searching based on drawing popularity search graph is soooo awesome, albeit useless ;)
1 A semantics for JSON a formally defined spec for json trying to prove that there is no ordering
1 2 coderwall get your badge fix by doing github


1 tweet rate monitor like a heartbeat monitor for tweets

tweet rate monitor like a heartbeat monitor for tweets


1 js support matrix (kinda old, but up to date)
1 rpgjs the name should tell you enough ;)
1 css 3d spikes using css3 transforms
1 dom3d rendering 3d stuff with css, looks awesome


1 Textify.it convert an image into text, not just standard ascii art
1 webgl google maps street view


1 Creating a Super Mario Bros game or any simple platformer, tutorial for js
1 Tokenizing js explains how you would split up js source into tokens
1 Transpilers and the future of js about cross compilers and how I see their future wrt js
1 Text shadow in IE one of the few important missing features from IE's CSS bed
1 Spritemapper create sprite maps from websites
1 Tweet sized IQ solver "finds the next number in this series"


1 Web Workers how to implement a twitter client using web workers
1 MKULTRA a proper webgl demo
1 140byt.es a list of js snippets that top 140 bytes
1 List of js engines
1 css-like selectors for json uh yeah, really, just like it says, the demo will make it all better :)
1 #amwb: post jconf about the next version of js
1 Flexiejs playground cross-browser support for the flexible box model
1 Getting better at js how-to
1 bitp.it a js based bitcoin miner
1 jslinux for node running linux in node in linux in... #inception
1 Some animals from ro.me webgl demo
1 2 CSS crush an extensible PHP based CSS pre-processor
1 Safe CSS hacks covers a few techniques of detecting IE
1 JSCoverage static analysis tool (old, 2010) that tries to discover how much of a certain script you're actually using
1 Zombies a webgl demo showing a bunch of awesome zombies
1 704 webgl demo


1 Undum an engine for hypertext based games, looks nice


1 Must die! NSFP (not safe for plane)
1 CSS flags using gradients to create flags
1 Hair canvas experiment
1 2 sharejs collaborative node-server/web-client
1 Native TLS implementation in js want to write your own https server? now you can.


1 Matrix css live tool play with the css transformation and get the code for the result
1 Game of life in annotated coffee
1 JS PC emulator more on the x86 emu
1 x86 emulation in js holy crap batman... its linux in the browser


1 2 amf.js a pure js AMF (Action Message Format) implementation
1 About matchMedia do media queries from within js
1 Why JSON is not a subset of js hint, it's due to stupid characters ;)
1 Pair hero a pair programming "game"
1 Morse.js a jquery plugin to transform any text into morse
1 Lexadecimal hex color codes that are words
1 Device orientation demo use the force, the quint-force!


1 inbflat an interactive youtube composition
1 jsdiff simple diff between two files in js
1 Collection of flash games funky games here :)
1 Webgl inspector


1 Webgl demo interactive too, very nice
1 Angry birds the popular game in modern web techniques


1 svggirl um, svg animation, promotional for a browser, i suppose
1 2 Trapeze a js pdf reader


1 capaignjs fix some bugs, win some prizes (close the most jquery tickets in may)
1 A* implementation another canvas demo of pathfinding
1 Interactive demo of Dijkstra's algorithm using canvas
1 A CoffeeScript Intervention some of the finer points that cs gives you over js
1 Brain a neural network lib in js
1 StronglyTyped a lib using getters/setters for typed vars in js (with caveats)
1 JS Strict Mode a script mode test suite


1 CSS gradient color swatches some great patterns there
1 layerstyles a web-based gui for making up a box
1 xtype a webgl space shooter
1 Neat algorithms - Harmony search demonstration of a neat optimization solving a sudoku puzzle
1 Galactic post mortem building a 3D Solar System with HTML5
1 js game framework


1 Zeon.js a visual static analysis tool for js built in js by me :)
1 node.js win binaries compiled with all dll dependencies


1 Flight of the Venturer a css3 demo animation
1 jsunzip a library to deflate zip files


1 objectdiff compare two objects and see where they differ


1 Improve Browser Performance With the CSS Stress Test Tool compares scrolling while toggling certain elements
1 IE9 Compat Inspector a js tool that detects possible reasons why your page is bumped in IE compat mode
1 Holmes Holmes is stand-alone diagnostic CSS stylesheet that can highlight potentially invalid, inaccessible or erroneous HTML(5) markup by adding one class
1 Fargo an experimental language running on node, Smalltalk'ish, compiles to js and runs in the browser
1 Looking into Mirrors about using this introspection library for js
1 Gradient scanner taking it up a notch, this tries to convert an img to a css gradient
1 hobolobo a comic using css tricks, awesome


1 Marble run worlds biggest marble run with js
1 YUI CSS web minifier the engine ported to js runs inside your browser now


1 Yet another explanation of js closures name says it all :)
1 Closures explained with js comprehensive article about how closures work


1 pngtocss convert an image of a gradient to the associated css syntax with this tool
1 JSPP: Morph C++ Into Javascript about how c++0x looks a lot like js
1 txt2re regex generator give a string and select the parts you wanted to fetch and it will generate a regular expression for ya, wow!
1 What's next in js for mozilla interesting optimizations planned ahead
1 Thoughts on when to use Canvas and SVG
1 CSSSupport how to do css feature detection in js


1 Otomata a cellular automatum sound generator, really cool (flash)
1 Hashify store (small) documents in url shortners


1 LexicalEnvironment versus VariableEnvironment a specification technical blog post about ECMAScript
1 Get started with object-oriented js code introduction into prototype
1 PDP-11 emulator it's running UNIX Sixth Edition, a.k.a. V6
1 algorithms visually explained with js, could use a play button tho
1 DOM Style Sheets all kinds of methods on how to dynamically manipulate style sheets (except the simplest method I was actually looking for ;)
1 abcnotation text-based music notation system (in js/canvas)
1 Webglreport tells you all about your browser's WebGL support
1 2 Websonic a webgl version of sonic, very alpha-ish
1 Surface turn any image into a "cloth" in webgl, hold and drag the mouse for effect
1 3dtubeme create 3d images from photo's using webgl or canvas


1 Getting CORS working blog post


1 Zen-coding a demo for fast boiler plate expansion
1 VJET a new js ide, built on eclipse
1 You Don't Know JS or do you?
1 Collection of JS gotchas #wtfjs anyone?
1 CSS3 cursor monster it haz hungry
1 Applying Gaussian Blur to HTML elements with CSS
1 stolencamerafinder uses the serial number stored in your photo to search the web for photos taken with the same camera


1 2 Creating a sphere with 3D CSS um, wow.


1 8bitalpha dragndrop convert your "regular" pngs to 8bit pngs
1 html11 skipping a few versions in a versionless standard only seems fitting
1 Otomata a generative sequencer (flash)


1 2 pixieengine a coffeescript game ide engine thing
1 js11 a js-flavored language that compiles to js, nice demo on frontpage too
1 WebGL Capabilities Analyzed some stats on what support people do and do not have


1 Survey of the latest JS specification touches on strict mode, new array methods and other es5 additions
1 Implementing amb in js ambiguous ftl, though. the operator from scheme
1 string_score an algo to give you relative distance from given string to a second string, autocomplete must work like this
1 Invert with css (opera/IE) invert an entire website with just css
1 Modern JavaScript how do we move js forward?
1 CSS3 Patterns Gallery so pretty :D
1 Doom clone in ..emacs? you read it correctly
1 Path Tracing webgl demo (crashes my fx4, but works fine in chrome)
1 Coil canvas based game
1 Sky Rendering tutorial on how to do nice sky in GLSL demonstrated in WebGL
1 worldsbiggestpacman so i heard you like pacman...


1 ie10 guide so much fanciness coming our way
1 css3.me another ui to do fancy shit in css3
1 tdgotchi a virtual pet that helps you raise your TDD practice
1 The Ceylon Project is this the new java killer?
1 Rounded corners in older browsers without js, using a rather nifty trick
1 Audio sprites like combining images, you can also combine audio
1 functionsource it's the new ajaxian ;)


1 Resume file uploads how to do it in the browser
1 Play sound on hover using js
1 Unicode party woo-hooooo!!
1 2 Ipad head tracking demo so awesome


1 nexbox (old) play old nintendo (8bit) games in flash
1 2 Screen Space Ambient Occlusion demo spiffy webgl demo (see wikipedia)
1 2 Poppler an emscripten 1.0 (second link) conversion of a linux pdf viewer, now fully working in js!
1 fuckyeahcsscolors fuck yeah
1 Fly camera earth webgl demo in space!


1 Real men code in paint animated gif showing you how it's done
1 Real pixel coding just watch the video and be impressed, ktnx
1 2 XB PointStream A js tool which will emulate Arius3D's PointStream viewer
1 Submitting a browser patch compares how to submit a firefox and chrome/webkit bug and their due process (disclaimer: from a moz pov, but seems to be about improving the firefox model)
1 Rare js operators slideshow presentation about all the operators in js


1 Physics engine for dummies a long tutorial on how to get started with physics (uses flash examples)
1 jquery.qrcode plugin to create qrcodes with JS
1 Blog post lego primes here's the explanation of how the lego demo was done :)
1 patternify create simple patterns
1 lego primes well that's a new trick :)


1 time.is clean and simple
1 plaintextoffenders sending plaintext passwords through mail or plain http now has a wall of shame #facepalm
1 Replacing setTimeout globally this is the kind of cross browser hell library authors have to deal with on a daily basis
1 The js disruption blog post the future of js, it looks bright
1 cycleblob awesome webgl Tron cycle game
1 tweetdegree.me twitter network analyze tool (that doesnt require you to auth)


1 Nebula a webgl demo


1 The ModelViewProjection Matrix awesome and excellent tutorial on quaternions and 3d camera computations (lots of math!)
1 communityjs want to talk to real people about js? here's a way to find like minded people near you now


1 jsgif parses an animated gif and adds controls and more details about the agif
1 Highlight reveal image show image on text selection demo, works but a bit quirky
1 Secret Message Generator reveals a secret message on selection
1 Comma operator in depth article onto js weakest operator
1 Loremipsumizer Convert a current website into a generic prototyping version
1 fontfont a font repository (who would've guessed ;)
1 sort() how to use Array#sort to get beyond the lexicographical order
1 xbrowser getters/setters using vbscript to fill the gap
1 CSS3 Ribbons no images, honestly!
1 Storager a bookmarklet to view storage usage (most notably on mobile devices)
1 amwb: es-next
1 HTTP archive tracks the payload sizes and number of requests for the top 14000 websites every two weeks
1 Jodoc an alternative doc mechanism for js
1 Voron audio api demo
1 Janpu jump liiike an eginjaaaaa
1 agent8ball pool in js
1 node.js style guide not just for node, per se
1 Video painting performance statistics (fx5) new properties to track video perf


1 Langton ants another visual demo of Langton Ants
1 Maze generator demos a list of visual demos of different maze generating algorithms
1 Terrain generation with the diamond square algorithm a visual demo
1 GlowForm i know it's evil, but i kind of like it :)
1 NS Api (for future usage, dutch railway api)
1 Anargy golf a code golf site, it supports js submissions! (create shortest solution for a given problem)


1 Understanding CSS3 2D Transforms
1 2 webgl in limejs a live demo comparing dom, canvas and webgl
1 yourworldoftext anything after the / will create a new world
1 Quadruple raindbow a webgl demo


1 Mad animation (requires css animations) mainly css3 animations demo
1 border-image-generator (old) a tool to create border images with all the double rainbow magic and sugar on top
1 nping a ping network tool i want to look at later :)
1 js class an example of how classes would desugar to js
1 Browser power consumption comparing power usage of browsers, finally a bench that doesn't focus js ;)
1 Triggering layouts in webkit a list of properties that trigger a layout reflow in webkit
1 First look into modules about the new module concept of the next js


1 text-align: centaur; primed for css4


1 csspivot wrap any site, add custom styles to it and share the result
1 mp3 player with id3 tag reader, in the browser of course
1 Old-school demo in canvas


1 gl.blendFuncSeparate() tool (webgl)
1 gl.blendFunc() tool (webgl)
1 2 CSS gradient converter converts one syntax into the others
1 2 Music visualizer in webgl, with robots! well, one.


1 Mediaelement.js quickly polyfill audio and video cross browser
1 2 Globe tweeter visual representation of twitter in webgl
1 No comply a webgl demo
1 Context blender Photoshop-style blend modes for canvas
1 Webgl-2d using webgl to up the perf of canvas
1 Kamehameha using the kinext to become a super sayan!
1 Vexflow a music notation rendering engine in canvas and svg


1 amwb: launch day about the fx4 launch
1 Kathack Katamari in your browser
1 Neave television very.. random indeed


1 css3 generator a drag'n'drop css creator for your pleasure
1 cssprefixer accepts some css and adds the vendor prefixes to any rule that might need it
1 ocanvas a lib to make canvas easier to use
1 Navigation Timing API blog post about the api
1 Ceaser a css animation tool, makes it easy to create css effects
1 Akshell a really fast js shell
1 ie mobile cond. comments it has a mobile sister
1 jsonreport json pretty printer
1 Space break a break-out clone written in coffee script


1 Mustachified pimp yourself
1 Stylesheets onload turns out the browser does not easily tell you when a css file finished loading


1 Firefox 5 will reserve new keywords while v4 is close to a release, this announcement makes it obvious that using these reserved keywords is not very "future proof"
1 2 Data url creators (old, but came across them and can never find them when I need them :)
1 Mobile comparison of Top 11 takes 11 websites and analyzes load differences between desktop, pad and phone
1 Hybrid acessors getting accessors in es3
1 Using Web Storage for Interprocess Communication i loved the cross frame communication part
1 Currentcolor about the css property
1 Trie performance a followup on previous article, using a Trie structure instead to drastically improve performance both in search, size and memory
1 Dictionary Lookups how to save and search through a dictionary in js, in depth analysis
1 How to play a sound in a web browser state of the audio in current browser landscape
1 css3 animations creating an animated *meter with just css
1 JS what wrong with this?
1 Dromaeo js performance testing
1 JS Augmented Reality includes some demo's of the JSARToolkit
1 emote.ly using web sockets to turn your phone into a remote
1 jsdom old, but handy resource about browser dom


1 Browser benchmarks The 5 big ones up against each other
1 Android 3.0 Hardware Acceleration The do's and donts when using hw acc. in android 3
1 2 Runfield a canvas based running game
1 2 Planetarium a css3 experiment


1 Fireflies a webgl experiment
1 cloud-ide a web ide in the cloud
1 Dragonfly update big update to dragonfly, opera's web inspector. much much better than before but console is still lacking
1 ie-mode (pdf) big flow chart on how ie9 determines doctype to use
1 IE9 developer tools inspects the IE9 web inspector (and does some minor comparison with firebug), its not full of win.
1 Appcache facts silly things you want or need to know about using the app cache
1 plumegraph data visualiser in webgl (demo shows casualties in afghanistan)
1 Webgl capabilities test in case you want to know why a demo isnt working for ya


1 helloracer a webgl experiment where you get to drive an F1!
1 Content-length is broken and the web seems to depend on it, in some cases
1 Chartwell using a font to create charts, cool experiment


1 js attack vectors a list of possible attack vectors in js, kinda freaky
1 2 veditor a car editor in webgl
1 Meet the letter heads demo showing ... faces :)
1 The shortest image uploader how to use FormData and xhr to upload an image to an external service (with cors)
1 The cure canvas, dragndrop, fileapi and some js to cure anyone of baldness? a bald move indeed
1 Using monads in js about monads, composition, lists, haskell and js


1 amwb: operators
1 PeaceKeeper a browser benchmarker
1 On CSS preprocessors why you should or should not use them
1 Tweet sized templating simple mechanism for replacing tokens in strings
1 Klass another lib to build objects
1 Investigating Performance Differences Between Firefox 4 And IE9


1 hasCanvas a tool for creating and sharing Processing.js sketches
1 csswarp a generator that shapes a text to any form using css transforms
1 Vector editor all your vectors are belong to this nice and simple editor
1 All your commas are belong to Array rant about js coercion with arrays
1 mediaqueri.es collection of media query design examples


1 The state of html5 audio not that great
1 Hug a Conference Organizer organizing #jsconf isn't always about double rainbows and unicorns
1 Wanted: Native JS Encryption why native crypto apis in js can come in handy
1 Classnamer Can't think of a good class name? Not css class names though, they should contain dashes ;)
1 Lightweight js inheritance APIs explains some issues with js objects and compares a few alternative object creation api's
1 2 How js engines work slideshow and video about parsing, interpretation and optimization
1 Timer Congestion performance issues with timers
1 CoffeeScript: The beautiful way to write js highlights some parts of cs that are considered good
1 jQuery is for noobs I kinda liked this article ;) even though the same can probably be said about dojo in some way (and dont get me started about rails)
1 2 rule110 a turing machine in pure css, proving that css is turing complete (wtf)


1 Url hunter push states baby, awesome game
1 Wallaby flash to html converter by adobe
1 CSS keyboard literally watch yourself type, quite funny


1 Open source ampersands when you just want it slightly different
1 Crypto.js library with all kinds of cryptographic algorithm implementations
1 Fx5 will not have callable regexes some more insight to this extension to es


1 2 fractal.io Fractal lab, a webgl app for navigating and displaying huge 3d fractal structures


1 8-Bit Terrariums it's not all about js ;)
1 Typographic effects in canvas on how to make fancy font effects
1 Websites as background apps using chrome dev channel to create invisible apps that run outside the browser context


1 Built in php webserver i smell some node influence, but good for php for finally getting this too
1 WebGL spec finalized Khronos released the v1 spec of webgl
1 Mixingreality real time video processing with js to add AR
1 Zeldajs a seemingly complete zelda game in js, including sound (not working properly for me right now)


1 getParameterByName the article is more about why certain snippets of code are very inefficient or plain bad (and this specific one shows you how to get the an url parameter by name)
1 How to draw quadratic curves in case you wanted to know how do those things work anyways
1 Module initiation patterns looks at various way to initialize a module namespace object
1 CSS values overview of the various css units you can use
1 Drawing Sprites: Canvas 2D vs. WebGL has a modified fishtank demo, which removes limits, and a port to webgl for comparison, awesome
1 Essential js design patterns free ebook
1 Rethinking js object enumeration a followup post about enumeration
1 Cottage game engine using canvas (2d/3d) and audio
1 css3pie css3 polyfills for IE
1 Description of the CodeMirror 2 internals


1 BrowserRank browser usage statistics world wide
1 Building real website in node some ups about doing it
1 d3.js a small, js lib for manipulating documents based on data


1 What does a blur radius mean? Clearly there'll be an answer.
1 Moving to nodejs the first steps and discoveries about async programming


1 Flocking big article about doing flocking, with several live demos
1 hyperbolicdoodler (webgl) it's like a kaleidoscope but on a sphere
1 Draughts (checkers) in webgl
1 Ooman a webgl game
1 Chrysaora lot's of webgl jellyfishes, although i'm missing the websocket point...
1 GPGPU with WebGL using webgl to offload heavy computations to the gpu (warning, also heavy math on this page)
1 2 zwibbler digital hand drawn stick figures
1 Optional argument hazard about the dangers of passing on a function with optional arguments
1 What is this in js about context


1 NaCl google's Native Client, might be interesting
1 Webgl presentation in webgl very nice, although the effect is a little repetitive
1 Loading .tar.gz with js (yes, old, but for future reference)
1 Sintel, but different a webgl+video demo


1 non-standard js extensions compat table
1 JS meetup talk by David Herman (@littlecalculist) about the things coming to js in a future near you
1 getters & setters for IE 6, 7, and 8 using jscript to create quasi getters and setters support, with some catches, obviously
1 requestAnimationFrame for smart animating if you can't see an update it's not worth doing the update
1 Object-Based inheritance for ES5 a primer on doing "classic OO" in js
1 Unit Testing 101 are you testing your JS?
1 Use efficient CSS selectors friendly reminder on how browsers interprett css selectors
1 JS array all about es5's "new" array additions
1 Web Cryptography: Salted Hash and Other Tasty Dishes
1 Bokeh in css tutorial on how to create the pattern
1 Nodster node in the cloud service
1 Multiple Inheritance in js a classic problem and how proxies could solve it for js (deep stuff...)


1 PhiloGL a webgl framework
1 20-sided die (safari) in css3 and js, handy for those d&d sessions where the dog^h^h^h troll eats your die
1 Untangle a simple canvas game where you have to untangle some wires...
1 The RGB Game a game where you have to line up the three color layers to win
1 Death of the div `
1 tessellations (webgl) it's like bubble pop, only different!
1 NintendOscope somebody took a gamebody and used its output signal to show it real-time on an oscilloscope, i'm not kidding... (inc how-to and video)
1 2 A moon in webGL in case you missed an eclipse
1 Whatwg for developers simplified spec, without the implementation details for browser vendors
1 Aloha editor 3d example well that's a new trick
1 Canvas performance blog post diving into the performance issues of canvas


1 HTML^5 flowchart (in pdf...), can come in handy when you're in doubt about the new elements. why's in pdf is beyond me though
1 Multi-user heatmap to see people browsing habbits, uses Ajax Push Engine (APE)


1 Command-line CSS spriting ...
1 Webcam polyfill falls back to flash (in jquery, but you can use it to learn)
1 Simple speed test how fast do you preceive ui response?


1 web.glit create slideshows in webgl
1 Connect your Kinect to webgl a howto
1 Sphere effect in WebGL tutorial
1 Checker board pattern in css what's next, chess?


1 amwb: closure pattern vs revealing pattern interesting insights into two ways of doing OO in js
1 Guryjs a canvas utility library
1 Surefire DOM Element insertion how to add elements safely to the dom
1 Functional box shadows various effects using shadows, except for the last one, i'm sure that's not due to shadows
1 Testing for -0 in JavaScript the spec makes the distinction between +0 (or 0) and -0 and here's how you can prove it


1 Videos of screen readers using ARIA if you're into #a11y, this is a must read... view
1 Pixelfari a safari idd-on that puts safari into the DeLorean, turns everything into 8bit
1 Incrementable length values in text fields haha, I never knew
1 http status code drinking game i bet that won't be regular coffee
1 2 httpstat.us site to test all kinds of status codes, including a cup of coffee
1 About bind small post about Function.prototype.bind
1 Rain it's raining cats and letters!


1 Separating JavaScript download and execution adding more control to loading external scripts
1 Easeljs a js library for working with the html5 canvas element
1 Flixel a space invaders clone, cross compiled from flash using jangaroo
1 Jangaroo AS3 (flash) to js compiler
1 easywebsocket simulating a web socket through iframes
1 (pre)Maturely Optimize Your js papercuts, lots of them
1 Learning to write js first steps taken in js by somebody who has had no prior experience with js
1 Codeita web ide in the cloud
1 Bigint lib allows you to do math with bigints in js
1 Some html5 questions interesting questions to the html5 paradigm
1 2 3 JS Obfuscation with limited character set using only a few characters to create a complete and valid js script (this is old, but i wanted a ref)


1 Particle party I like the auto particle pop thing mode :)
1 Apollo LM DSKY simulator no idea what it is, but it looks cool ;)
1 html5 piano a browser supporting sounds is recommended
1 jsfx library for creating sound effects in js, requires wav support, based on sfxr
1 Introducing canvas simple tutorial covering all kinds of aspects about using canvas
1 Did Scriptease influence ECMAScript? a Quora to which Brendan responds himself (tl;dr? "no")
1 laserey.es dragndrop, fileapi, js php "python and openCV" eye scanner, lasers. what else :)


1 3d lighting effects in canvas several photo effects with lighting
1 Logo Interpreter in js, of course
1 TAS on real NES this vid shows a "Tool Assisted Speedrun", created frame-by-frame on a computer with emulator, played back on a real NES. If you ever needed proof that TASes would work on a real console, this is it.


1 The Bright (Near) Future of CSS very long article covering various "html5" aspects
1 Ripple effect a webgl tutorial on how to create the classic ripple effect
1 Asteroids a webgl 3d version of asteroids, sort of
1 Hack & Slash a webgl setup for an rpg, looks very nice
1 ECMAScript test suite this one is old, but good for the record
1 Faster timeouts describes a way to use postmessage to achieve faster timeouts and circumvent the "artificial" timer limits in browsers
1 Spoon standalone ie678 for parallel testing, from spoon.net until it went down
1 The Era of Browser Preconnect about ie9 enabling preconnect and what it actually is
1 Shader minfier (webgl) name says enough
1 Chrome inspector memory timeline explains how the memory timeline works and goes a bit on about the garbage collection scheme
1 Initializr put together the boiler plate of your own preference
1 Codereddit reddit, as if it were source code, pretty neat
1 Opera mini details everything you ever wanted to know about the opera mini environment


1 WebGL excursion two webgl demos for your viewing pleasure
1 Building a webgl tool for 3d printers no live webgl demo, but a vid is included in the blog post
1 Test for proper tail calls js doesn't have tail recursion, but this could be a test to check for them
1 JSGameBench test results now the interesting bit about these results is that they're not from a browser vendor... (and that opera is that far down)
1 FramerateFest a (Dutch) demo competition by msft (must be Dutch to enter, may not minify source... ;)
1 30 js devs a list of js devs you might want to follow, I'm included ;)


1 Understanding css selectors article goes deep into selectors and optimization, starting with a few chuckles
1 JS class patterns how classes actually work in js


1 State of CORS what browser support cross domain requests and how
1 Canvas sprite optimisation how subpixel rendering makes things a lot slower
1 whatwg weekly what happened in the whatwg and the html spec last week?
1 Coercion in js explains exactly how coercion works in js and why certain #wtfjs work the way they do


1 Hoisting blog post about hoisting in js


1 Gmailr an api for gmail (not by google, so be careful)
1 Copperlicht a webgl library
1 Limejs another game engine


1 On performance tries to make a point about feature testing vs agent sniffing
1 Clean font-face hack using a hash to make clean @font-face declarations in css, fooling IE
1 Anaglyph a "3d" painting app
1 Favimon another "winning" entry in the mozilla game compo, uses favicons like pokemon, quite fun
1 Marble run winner of the mozilla game compo
1 2 AwesomeChartJs simple static canvas chart lib
1 Social website login hack interesting use cases


1 Webgl benchmark makes my video card do all kinds of sounds, scoring a (whopping?)
1 Space rocks a webgl demo of asteroid impact on earth
1 Planet buster a webgl game
1 Ascii video with websockets nifty demo using node and websockets to show ascii video to multiple people at the same time


1 Uniform particle distribution describes how to evenly distribute particles in a circle and a sphere
1 html5^H semantic video very nice demo using various sources combined to annotate a video (prolly lots of work though ;)
1 Patternsketch an HTML5^H and js audio sequencer and drum machine
1 Writing oo js ...
1 Color wheel on the compositions of colors and the use of color wheels


1 More on browser sniffing a little history and why UA strings are so screwed up these days
1 Julia fractal browser reminds me of js1k ;) but it's probably not


1 amwb about the future more about his recent blog post about it
1 Browser version history a nice simple chart
1 Feature testing vs UA sniffing why it might be a better idea to use UA sniffing and use browser version specific versions of your library instead of feature test bloat
1 ES OS an OS where you can use ECMAScript as one of the base languages (still requires some c++ though), but very nice
1 Proper tail calls in harmony they're making their way in the spec
1 Thingiview a model viewer in webgl


1 GLSL minfier for webgl shader stuff
1 boxcar2d a genetic algorithm that tries to create the best car-like vehicle using the Box2d physics engine
1 Scheme interpreter in coffeescript


1 Silver smalltalk an implementation in js


1 js templating systems quick overview of a few popular frameworks
1 World clock in "html5"


1 JSGameBench name says enough, lib by facebook, and some background info
1 Using @font-face overview on how and the support
1 jstower a very simple static sim tower simulation, but a nice proof of concept
1 Periodic table of google api a nice overview of all the google api's available as of the start of 2011


1 Extensive list of polyfills it's probably old, but it's a good list
1 2 Optimizing Crajsh Going into details about hyper optimizations for creating canvas games
1 Crajsh a very nice implementation of multiplayer snake with some twists, ode to Crash


1 Application cache tutorial on how to use it
1 es5 strict mode long article going in depth on the subject
1 Why Firefox 4 won hint; svg fonts.
1 Mobile view-source bookmarklet designed to easily view the source of a page in a mobile environment
1 Function syntax explains when functions can and cannot be declared
1 3dtin a lego minecraft kind of canvas app
1 On the care and feeding of spinning disks how chrome (and firefox) sped up their cold boot by ~50%
1 Html5^H security cheatsheet wow, so many possible attack vectors


1 Email address obfuscation compared Created a harvestable page with 9 techniques to display emails as texts, has three clear winners with a surprsingly clean css only one!


1 graph.tk an interface to create graphs from formula's
1 The js train is moving by Dion
1 What makes a front-end engineer I wholeheartedly agree on the first three points. #4&5=meh, whatever :)
1 On css variables and related stuff... are they good or bad additions to css?
1 webglearth a 3d maps as sphere interface using webgl
1 2 html5^H logo in canvas and a link to the flash version for comparison


1 Learning from twitter how a minor performance issue with jquery can amount to a bigger problem
1 Sketch a canvas experiment to do wobbly chalk drawings
1 WebGL around the net more webgl goodies
1 Scene editor a demo in webgl for moving around cubes in 3d space
1 Tank world a full webgl game
1 The M-project an mvc mobile framework


1 2 Streaming ASCII Art using node and web sockets to do the ascii video thing
1 The arguments object everything you ever wanted to know about the arguments object in js
1 Implementing a syntax-highlighting js editor in js big dom bash fest, but interesting read if you ever wanted to write an editor
1 Harmony of my dreams this is what the future of js would be if it were up to Brendan
1 es5 annotated now includes the 5.1 additions
1 File system terminal using the file api


1 Expression closures An investigation into expression closures (function(x)x), which are "lambda" shortcuts for function proposed for harmony and already usable in firefox
1 Intro to machine language uses turtles and a built in kind-of-logo interpreter (in js) to explain machine language basics
1 JS garden A full js tutorial with nice layout, somewhat average explanation and some plain wrong descriptions, but it being pragmatic still an interesting one


1 ecmazing client side widget thing to easily follow the blogs of those involved with ecmascript
1 l20 A sql script like linq.js, i think. Use webservice to translate from japanese ;)
1 CSS background image hacks several alternatives to working with backgrounds
1 cocos2d Game engine (with demo's!)
1 WhatWG weekly A summary of what's going on in the whatwg group (html5)


1 mobl Another (statically typed) language that compiles into js, targeting the mobile platform


1 qb.js an implementation of QBasic in js, with the complete look and feel using canvas
1 CSS animatable properties Simple list of properties that can be used with css transitions
1 What hte heck is shadow dom About html5 elements that use the dom to decorate themselves, in a shadow dom


1 CSS3 Gradients blog post on the what and hows of css gradients
1 Codemirror w/o iframes A proof of concept that codemirror will no longer be requiring iframes
1 w3fools A site trying to point out the problems with w3schools, crowd sourcing effort yo
1 Response from msft regarding the previous post about IE9's canvas having problems
1 Porting a canvas demo to IE9 About how IE9 ignores changes to context.globalCompositeOperation and how to work around some features


1 Partial Application in js On how to do partial application and currying in js
1 Enemy that moves webgl demo of, it seems, an old concept of enemy model that does all kinds of moves
1 CSS3 vars, modules, mixins, nesting slideshow explains the experimental proposal for css3 regarding these, interesting to see how that'll work out
1 A graph visualization tool built with web workers and jQuery
1 clojurejs Compiles a subset of Clojure to js


1 Mozilla labs competition games Here's over a hundred html5 games here, go knock yourself out
1 CSS3 column generator Given some details, this will generate the required css rules for creating them with css3
1 Technology usage stats Tracks usage of various technologies used in the top most popular websites
1 An ECMAScript implementation for .net It's ES3+ES5 intended to be used in .net programs (internally)


1 The sorry state of the CSS3 specifications About the mess that is css3 specification
1 Namespacing in js Article on the various way of doing namespacing
1 How to use web workers a tutorial
1 People of html5: @rem an interview with Remy Sharp
1 Problems of eval From an implementors (firefox) view, why using eval is causing problems and will slow you down and how es5 partially fixes that
1 2 Orion a new web platform by the makers of eclipse, tba
1 2 ACE a standalone code editor written in js, it can be easily embedded in any web page and js application
1 Cup of js game engines Have your pick
1 wirify Create wireframes from any site using this bookmarklet
1 jsmap Tool to create popups where you select a country-part, see demo (hint: use service to translate from chinese)
1 The infinite maze a collaborative maze drawing
1 z-type html5 game where you have to type words to save the earth, moon or whatever it is you are trying to save
1 Weavesilk A canvas demo


1 Future harmony Another episode of amwb
1 Mug Statically compiles JavaScript into JVM .class files
1 About getters/setters When using the object literal notation, es5 imposes a restriction to defining getters/setters; they may not conflict
1 Going completely prototypal How to create a script the js way
1 Gameboy color sim Yes, in js, but without the roms, you need those yourself


1 DOM Monster Gather information about your current page using this bookmarklet
1 Port of VecX Vectrex emulator No idea what it is, presumably an arcade system :) cool game though
1 Matrix ide This is the app belonging to the previous post, allowing you to visually create the matrix parameters


1 The CSS3 matrix() Transform for the Mathematically Challenged Title says enough?
1 Siblantjs Another language that compiles to js


1 How to use the drag'n'drop api Extensive tutorial on how to implement it
1 CSS3 object-fit How object-fit and object-position work and how you can use them to easily fit images and other content in some box


1 Jack A language being converted to js through node, a dead project but i like the looks of it
1 mothereffing hsla Color picking tool to create hsla syntaxed colors
1 Video puzzle Using html5 to create a "simple" moving puzzle
1 Miro video converter Convert easily between several movie formats
1 CSS3 resize The resize property up close, it's the property that webkit automatically applies to textarea's
1 CSSua Using css to detect user agents, not sure whether this is a keeper, but it's another way of doing the same old


1 Context parameter for jquery events On why I'd rather have an addition parameter for jquery event methods opposed to using bind
1 Realtime raytracer Some raytracer webgl demo's
1 JSConf 2011 proposal form I might just enter something, even if it's just for kicks
1 for-in Extensive explanation on how the for-in (enumeration) operator works in js
1 2 WebGL/GLSL sandbox Some experiments setting up a sandbox for webgl
1 CSS editor Built with cappucino
1 Bring down php with a number The magic number 2.2250738585072011e-308 is too magical for php, the blog post describes how it brings down php, variating reports in comments, oops?
1 Ipad "sim" Using js to create an ipad sim
1 Turtle wax A homage to LOGO, paining images with turtles


1 ShaderToy A demonstration of webgl and glsl, with multiple demo's and a live editing option
1 jspp A server side preprocessor for js running on node
1 jspdf Creating a pdf in js, exporting it through datauri's (and yes, i know it's old ;)
1 gammajs Another game engine...
1 TRS-80 Model III Emulator in js It's like being back in highschool


1 Wikipedia html5 knowledge map Browse wikipedia articles through a canvas map


1 CSS lists work About what's to be expected for the list elements and css3
1 Leakhelper A shot at statical analysis to find vars that'll leak
1 Proposal for js modules Here's an proposal for handling modules in js, it's also compared to a few other existing proposals
1 propulsionjs A game framework
1 htaccess rule tester Santa might be a little late, but this tool should help you on your merit way


1 The catch with try-catch About the discovery that catch scoped vars leak in IE
1 Audio sprites Like css sprites, but for audio
1 Proper A semantic inline html richtext editor trying to make the difference
1 Daily dropcap One fancy font a(bout a) day
1 htmlpurifier An engine that tries to analyse your code and remove possible problems with it
1 caniuse A big browser compatibility table for front-end web development


1 Url design On the new era of url design, bring on the linkrot
1 Fastkat Simple avoider game in webgl


1 Self callable object instances Interesting article on how to create objects who's instances are also callable. The conclusion is that it's not possible without __proto__
1 w3viewer Easily browser standardizations for various w3c proposals and subjects


1 CPython compiled to js Using emscripten, now running directly in your browser
1 How google optimized js for instance previews Several techniques are discussed
1 jgen Another js game engine
1 Why js benchmarks are flawed About timing and common mistakes or missinterpretations of using timers in js
1 Dark patterns Using bad practices or marketing schemes and how they affect your business in the current web
1 Color contrasts About how to pick the optimal color combinations for your website
1 Why __parent__ was removed from spidermonkey Interesting post on the deeper reasons for removing these (unspecced) extensions


1 Game engines A collection of js game engines in the wild
1 2 Checkerboard, striped & other background patterns with CSS3 gradients And here's the advanced aftermath
1 CSS Gradients Everything you wanted to know about css gradients, and more
1 The full stack A closer look at performance and cost of certain day to day operations and mechanisms


1 Firefox webgl demo Created for #firefox4, showing a long cool demo, including live twitter streams :)
1 Delegation vs inheritance in js On how to use call and apply to prevent unneccessary inheritance
1 On webgl in fx4b What's webgl and how do i use it in the new fx betas?


1 Opera Watir An environment to help with automated testing, able to simulate clicks and all that
1 Prototyping html5 specifications Msft explains their new path on giving access to html5 tools before they're "production" ready
1 Indexeddb extension for ie9 Msft releases another extension to support this standard
1 Websocket extension for ie9 Msft works in strange and mysterious ways...
1 Craftyjs Another game engine built in js
1 CSS3 parser In js, of course


1 8bit xmas tracks Dont let the name, 8bitjesus, fool you. This is a cd of sheer awesomeness
1 Datauri tool Drag'n'drop + File api + data uri = html5 fun, so guess what this tool does :)
1 Impact engine for sale The client side game engine can be used for 100$...
1 iOS sim from command line Will make it much easier to debug those ios apps
1 L-system generator Generates Lindenmayer Systems in canvas
1 Matrix transformations A bit of mathematical help when using css3 transformations
1 Higher order js Using functions to create abstract notions and "aggressively" remove repitition
1 Generating Perlin noise Tutorial on how to create the effect
1 Colorify A script to make hovered text fancy, if you can bear the markup faux pas


1 Utilizing File API A tutorial on how to use the html5 file api
1 Ninite An installer app that helps you install several apps without having to go through the (in a way) useless installer panels
1 JSZip Creating zip files with js
1 Canvas lib comparison Compares various canvas libraries in various aspects
1 WebGL Orrery Our galaxy in webgl
1 I don't want chrome anymore About why browsers should offer a chrome-less version so we can make proper applications that dont feel like they're sandboxed a browser
1 Pirates love daisies TD A tower defense game in js. Have I mentioned I love td's? :)
1 2 CSS Wipes About webkit's image mask support and how you can use it and gradients to create css "image wipes"
1 Extending the js object model Allen about the way we should improve the js specification


1 Default stylesheet in Webkit This could help your css resets ;)
1 2 Orto Supposidly a really old JVM interpreter in js, but I can't make head nor tail from it :)
1 Eval test suit Tests the compliance of in/direct eval calls
1 Maja A Vala to js compiler


1 Akihabara live editor The game engine hooked up to a live editor equals win
1 OO JS A js tutorial for c++ programmers
1 PNG The do's and don'ts of png and the support of various versions of png
1 Meet the blobs Blobs blob, it's what they do... another 3d webgl demo
1 CSS position Explains in detail what the five values of position mean and do


1 Google Docs Animation


1 2 Body browser A webgl demo showing the human body, and a special snapshot from me :p
1 Real animation with js/css/html Interesting blog post on the matter of animations
1 Lexical environments Deep post about lexical environments, what they are, how they work and what their purpose is
1 Long discussion Egh, if you're into this sort of thing or want to see the gods do their voodoo, this discussion might interest you
1 Books to read Want to improve your js skills and don't know what books to read? Here's a few
1 ES 5.1 released To bring the ES5 ISO version in better alignment, ECMA will release 5.1
1 2 Genetiacally evolving "hello world" Demonstration on how to do genetic programming (in JS), using "hello world" as the center piece example
1 How I did the 1kb xmas tree Roman Cortes explains the tricks he applied creating his tiny demo
1 Strict mode Crockford explains the changes that are applied when you use strict mode in your code
1 Global eval On the how eval actually works


1 Creating Opera extension Tutorial on how to create an extension for Opera from scratch
1 2 Mouse cursor following menu Although probably not my favorite mechanism of implementing a menu, it's certainly an interesting angle
1 Non-transitive dice An impressive demonstration on chance with dice
1 Array Extras Good article on the new array functions of es5 and how to use them to write better code
1 Intro to css 3d transforms Today the article covers 3d transforms and gives an introduction on how to use them
1 Safer jsonp chart The chart compares a few proposals with respect to compat, safety and likelyhood
1 The hacker's path A walkthrough on becoming the world's greatest hacker
1 Coffeekup It's html like doing Coffee script...take sugar with that?
1 setTimeout patterns About async programming in js, using timers or events
1 #amwb: internal optimization Brendan about the different ways of optimizing js behind the scenes
1 js survey results Dailyjs posted the results for the js developer survey


1 Blunt Card Randomizer Best vintage snail mail you'll ever receive
1 Running Java in JS Might this be the new way Oracle will try to make Java survive?


1 On public/private in js About a proposal for introducing the private keyword into es harmony


1 Tutti, shared js shell Allows you to run code concurrent across multiple browsers from a single browser using the node/websocket family
1 Sorting table rows This is the second part, investigating the fastest way of sorting a table (that's in the DOM)
1 Trampolines in js; generators Tutorial on using generators to overcome deep nesting of async callbacks
1 Emscripten Compiles C to JS through LLVM (generic language rules), examples include LUA interpreter and ray tracer
1 Minecraft POC in the browser Using webgl a proof of concept for Minecraft was created
1 Disturb effect Using webgl and drag'n'drop api, @mrdoob is at it again
1 Easter egg in Chrome OS video The Chrome team explains the results, it seems you could've won a CR-48 with it...
1 CSS attr() on every property IE9 does bring some good things to the table, the url is actually the "Beta Guide for Developers"
1 Map Crowd Reduce SETI@home right in your browser! Using a distributed browser network for doing large computations
1 Voronoi Tessellation Tutorial about creating a Voronoi Tessellation in js
1 Creating a Y-combinator Tutorial for creating a Y-combinator in js
1 Hacktastic zoom-fix Trying to fix the everlasting problems with floating and container wrapping
1 Oldest computer in Lego Somebody built the world's oldest computer (The Antikythera mechanism) in Lego
1 Github intorduces new nav control No longer it shows you a new page when you navigate through source tree, but a nice crumb path and js sweetness
1 JS is awesome Blog post explaining why js is awesome
1 Several html5 demos Nice set of simple canvas demos to learn from
1 Browser add-on API coverage Compares a few browsers (hopefully, soon more) in terms of add-on capabilities
1 Big list of web dev tools And other stuff. And it's a huge list at that
1 New in js 1.8.5 es5 The title is a little misleading as it touches on the features of ES5, not so much JavaScript 1.8.5
1 Snow storm script It's xmas again, now let's see him do it in 1k
1 Breaking html parsers for fun A man with a mission, one mission, to break html parsers


1 JSCrush A minifier for js that uses eval and is very good with repetitive strings
1 Please, No Browser Monoculture Allen explains why he thinks combining forces to work on a single js engine (like webkit is for html) is a bad thing
1 Using google closure compiler Also expresses a couple of common pain points in using js, after which a solution for them is shown using the google closure compiler
1 JSninja jobs A nice overview of jobs for people who know their js
1 Isosurfaces with webgl and web workers Explains how iso surfaces work and shows a few nifty demos
1 Aloha editor A semantic editor
1 Chromebook viral Must be cool working at the google dept. that comes up with this stuff (also, why isn't desktop state saved...)


1 JS threading with web workers What are web workers and how do you create one?
1 Webkit clock A clock made out of sheer css-ness, especially the earth is impressive
1 Mozilla's response on Chrome's Crankshaft Also sheds some light on what the future might bring
1 In praise of IE6 We should not forget the good times we had with IE6
1 Why #wikileaks is not trending Twitter explains how trending mechanism works. Turns out it works stupid
1 CSS Image Values Module On proposals being written for CSS element(), image() and cross-fade()
1 2 Canvas demo's A couple of cool demo's by flash hacker @oosmoxiecode, do check out his mario hack
1 Generator example A demo of generators, part of js 1.7 but not the formal spec (not yet, anyways)
1 2 Pure css fold fadeout Explains how to create a "read more" button where the text is fading out
1 Stream Updates with Server-Sent Events Tutorial on pushing server side messages to the client on the web
1 Io to js Port from the Io language to js, for node.js
1 Do not track lists in IE9 Msft explains how they want to make tracking an opt-in feature
1 Golden spirals Using html and css to create golden spirals
1 Adoption rate of Silverlight A few graphs and guesses about the adoption rate of the new version of silverlight


1 Web sockets opt-in Explains briefly why web sockets are an opt-in feature of (at least) opera and firefox for now
1 2 NanoMap A map lib in about 5k of js
1 XULJet XULJet is a JavaScript framework that helps to create platform independent desktop applications directly in JavaScript
1 State of html5 audio On the quirks and problems developers are facing when working with the new audio tag
1 Psychology of video games Steam using achievements to sell more games


1 2 Sprites using css animations A demonstration of using css animations to create sprited animations
1 Crankshaft Another step towards faster js environments, this time for Chrome
1 3d earthquake stats Using webgl to visualize the number of earthquakes in the past 30 years
1 Namespacing in js About structuring your js
1 The fifth element Introduction of the proposal for a new css position value; device-fixed
1 30 web games No, not flash, but games using technology with the H-word
1 Processing large volumes of data Using clients to process large quantities of data
1 Loading Javascript Modules An extended article about using js modules
1 Gluescript A new version of this "general purpose language", which uses js as a core
1 Marching cube renderer In webgl of course, using web workers
1 JS for PHP devs Stoyans article in the phpadvent describes js for php devs
1 NodeConf A conf about node.js, a few days after jsconf.us in at least the same area (Portland, OR)
1 Gingerbread browser Taking apart (shortly) the browser embedded in the new version of Android


1 2 Nintendo web store High quality 1999'ness
1 Playing mario with Kinect A hacked Kinect + super mario bross = awesome
1 Evolution of script loading Steve takes us through the various methods of loading a script in a website
1 Chrome support status Page lists status of supporting certain specifications and in which version they landed
1 #amwb: languages About Rust and other languages
1 JavaScriptMVC v3 The next version of a framework where you can take the MVC approach of designing your application is released
1 2 3 Game mashup animations Time waster alert. Can't understand that crazy Russian but for these cartoons you don't have to, see also more of that channel
1 So why is wikileaks a good thing? Just keep reading...
1 Hosts file in Android Editing the hosts file on your android for your testing needs
1 Font Squirrel API The service to convert your font so to all formats required by current browsers opened an api


1 Using Markov-chains for testing Using markov to generate test sets
1 Rockstar apps Plugin for eclipse / aptana to do code optimizations (related to Yslow)
1 WPO Analytics About measuring real performance
1 WebTiming Navigation Timing demo Simple demo page for the web navigation timing specification, requires chrome6+ or ie9+
1 Zozzle Msft developed a new tool to detect js malware using statical analysis
1 Threads in js with timers A (very) brief introduction on how to create pseudo-threads in js using timers
1 Netflix ports webkit to ps3 Uses it to deliver a better UX


1 Knox A node.js client to use with the Amazon S3 server
1 Video canvas processing demo Realtime video processing, applying some filters and css
1 2 Writing DSL in js On writing a DSL in/with/for js
1 Constellation A js (es5!) parser and interpreter written in c++


1 URL regex comparison chart Just how correct and complete are regexes to validate urls
1 2 Fake iPhone text Nice spoof
1 Using flickr to create 3d models Can make a 3d model of most popular places within a day using just images from flickr
1 Functional vs. OO js development The article describes how closely js relates to functional programming and how it relates to jquery
1 Ecilavia Development preview of a webgl game being developed
1 Hand drawn avatars Little fewer than 1000 small han drawn moving gifs usable as avatars
1 More links Somewhat like this, less js focussed
1 Kaffeine A js flavored language that compiles into js, much like coffee script
1 Web interface to kinect Uses a Chrome extension to give access to raw kinect data to be used on the web
1 Debugger to replace console.log About the new ES5 keyword; debugger
1 Ten signs to fire your client Checkpoint list to check in case you have any doubts of firing your client
1 2 Kinect makes you invisible A demo of using a kinect to wipe you from the video stream real-time
1 Plane deformations in webgl Mrdoob shows us more of the webgl goodness
1 CSS wishlist A list of interesting and usefull desired additions to the css arsenal


1 JS algorithm performance A blog post about js performance
1 Why JSMentors was born Explains the reason jsmentors.com was born and why it shouldn't become what c.l.j. has become
1 History of css resets An extensive article on the history and examples of css resets
1 If browsers were celebs They would probably look like that...
1 You must learn js A blog post on why you should absolutely start learning js, if you don't know it already
1 JS1K #2:xmas Submission form is now open for the second js1k
1 Results of developer survey Not sure if it's usefull but it's a nice overview nevertheless
1 Ben the body guard Scroll down. Down!
1 Titanium environment A js environment for mobile, making use of native ios framework or rhino on android/blackberry and looks really nice
1 Kim Jong-Il looking at things It's our all time favorite leader inspecting... things
1 Walking man in css3 Exactly what it says, no js involved
1 Strftime in js Helps you format a date string if the built in string isn't sufficient
1 HTML5advent An advent calendar with html5 demo's and stuff
1 Forever A node.js script that basically relaunches your node.js script if it fails and exits prematurely
1 The shortcomings of HTML5 Talks about what html5 is and what it actually didn't fix
1 Important http header It's the next new thing
1 2 Cup size choir (nsfw, I guess) Don't forget to check out interactive mode!
1 Selective filtering in browsers Msft explains the pains of filtering bad content from good content in browsers, and touches on the subject of ad-blockers


1 Tele marketeer anti-script It's probably way old, but this is a script to use when a marketeer calls you by phone (does that even happen anymore?)
1 Article on the winning demo of JS1K The article was placed in hacker monthly and explains how the demo came together
1 Water under Ice File uploads using web sockets


1 Periodic table of HTML5 elements No, really, a periodic table, of elements
1 HTML5 game jam results Some of the games created during the google/spillgame html5 game jam
1 Ajax Scatter About a new way to do ajax; through html
1 CSS Performance test Basically tries to show you how the test was done and that innerHTML is still full of win
1 beermapping.com A map of all the beer locations you'll ever need
1 MSFT on TPAC2010 Describing the IE participation at tpac 2010
1 #amwb: TC39 Brendan talks about the ecma committee
1 2 JavaScript Perlin flames in 1k Perlin flames demo and a blog post on how he got it to fit in 1k
1 BitmapData.js HTML5 Canvas API implementation of the AS3 BitmapData class
1 CSS Vocabulary Nice list of the terms you should be using for CSS
1 Adobe Edge prototype tool demo A video demo of Adobe's new toy
1 Article on enum and guards The article shows what you could do with the guards and enum (proposals for harmony)
1 Flapjax An ajax "language"
1 Sheet.js A CSS parser by Thomas Aylott
1 Instant Sprite It's like a spriteme thing. You supply several images and it returns you the sprite image, css and example html


1 2 How to import cinema4 to js Using three.js he shows you how to import cinema 4 models into js
1 2 3 JSONP Angus sheds light on his views on various jsonp proposals and issues
1 Hacking with raw md5 hash Article how php's md5 function is used to exploit a simple script that some people deem safe
1 2 On script execution order A blog post by Henri Sivonen on how script execution order works and the whatwg page about it
1 Normal Mapping Another webgl demo
1 How to use transitions with gradients in webkit Simple hack; add transparency to the gradient
1 10 hour js course A free audio course on the fundementals of js
1 Web Messaging draft First draft of web messaging spec by w3c


1 Mascarine engine A compiler that converts new harmony and es4 syntax to current usable js
1 CSS Railroad diagram Shows you how the specification works in a clear diagram
1 Canvas compositioning demo Nice demo of canvas composition


1 YUI contest In this js contest you need to use YUI (organized by a Yahoo employee but not by Yahoo)
1 Pinball Uses box2d to create a simple pinball game in js
1 CSS parser A parser for css in js
1 CamanJS Another image manipulating library
1 Quest42 A Sarien game (old school Sierra engine) of our office, created in a w00tcamp by the team I was part of


1 script# A C# to js converter
1 Gradient editor Easily create the rules to generate a gradient
1 htracer Firebug for node.js
1 Brendan on js syntax Now a few words from our sponsor
1 Slow start Explaining how websites "cheat" by ignoring the rules of sending data
1 JSApp Online ide and test bed for node.js
1 xc.js Framework for canvas games
1 News on release of js Incidentally, in a few days JavaScript will be 15 years old!


1 2 3d care model in webgl Another creation by mrdoob; floating cars (webgl and youtube links)
1 Opera mobile emulator Make it easy to test your sites in opera mobile
1 Worlds smallest font This font uses 3px per character and abuses your monitor, literally
1 Unselectable css property Somewhat like user-select, except this makes it impossible to start selecting, not selecting itself.


1 Parser compiler for js Ok, actually a PEG parser compiler
1 Brendan about paren free Brendan talks about innovations made to js in another #amwb episode
1 Close Pixelate An image manipulation library using canvas
1 HTML5 for game devs Presentation by Michael Mahemoff (Google). Uses our game in his presentation (see 15" in)
1 Wolfenstein 3d in js Not the js1k submission, but a full working wolf game in js
1 Quake3 in webgl Not a full working game, but the general engine is there
1 Wavefront loader This is a Wavefront 3d loader in canvas